Klangkörperkultur translates into ‘the culture of a resonant body’.

This theoretical research was initiated in context of my graduation at Interdisciplinary Arts Maastricht in 2017.  It is an ongoing sonological project, looking at sound and its effects on the human psyche. How do these two intertwine and manifest themselves within our modern day society? This research is formulated in a Position Paper (an artistic thesis) which you can freely download below. 

The Position Paper is the academic skeleton of the conceptual band Deep Dive Cognition, which is the practical artistic translation of the theory. 

Below you can find imagery of the first showcasing of the project in form of an exposition on the 5th of April, 2017.

Please refer to the buttons below to either download the Position Paper or be forwarded to the bands page. 


Images of first exposition-
5th of April, 2017
Images of first exposition
Video of EEG test-run