MUseumnacht Maastricht

Commissioned by Museumnacht Maastricht

I created a soundscape for the Centre Céramique public library. It acted as a connector between all the different exhibitions and performances that happened during the evening, revolving around theme of 'Lost In Space'


The piece invited the audience to discover the architecture of the location. Triggering wonder and the curiosity to explore, the sound was played on an 8-speaker spatial set-up, where you could make the sound travel around space by live manipulation.

About Museumnacht: 

The 'Museumnacht' (Museum Night) is one of the most popular and known events in the Netherlands. Every major city hosts its own. For one evening a year, all the museums and cultural institutes in the host city are open until late, involving a diverse and colourful program of different artistic exhibitions, performances and symposia.



Elise de Ruyter
Museumnacht Maastricht


Cedric Wiegel


Ruben Baas