The "Motion Mixer": 3D sound design

with USOMO

Between the 23rd and 26th of May 2017, USOMO (Unique Sonic Moments) delivered a workshop at the V2: Lab for unstable media, in Rotterdam. They developed a pioneering system for spatial 3D Sound Design. The companies aim is to focus on auditive immersion, in contrary to visual immersion.


Using binaural audio, position tracking and sound mapping USOMOs technology creates a virtual acoustic space that is able to immerse the audience into all kinds of unique sonic experiences. 

During these 3 days, myself and 4 other participants developed a variety of concepts for sonic experiences using this technology. My contribution to the array was the "Motion Mixer". As audience you interact with a baseline sound and can manipulate 4 different effects in relation to your movement within the space; your position determines the intensity of the effects.

A public presentation of the results was conducted on the 26th of May 2017 at the V2 space.

Thanks to the V2 team for offering such a great opportunity!

Special thanks to Steffen Armbruster, the founder of USOMO, and Mark Trinkhaus for their time, energy and technology!